Tantra with Shirley

sweetlove_2“My sessions with Shirley began as a simple personal longing to experience orgasm.  What I discovered was an awakening of sensation in my womb and an outpouring of pleasure within my body.” – anonymous

Many people ask, “What can I expect to happen during my Tantra session?” There are several session options for you to choose from, with the understanding that any of those that you choose will be customized with your personal goals in mind.

Coaching sessions can range all the way from phone support to a more hands on, experiential work.  The key to Tantra is that you fully embody your sexual, emotional, & spiritual self to align with the physical aspects of your body.  I do sessions with both women and men and we would meet first in a complimentary Introductory session to discuss what your individual needs are. People come to Tantra for many reasons, to heal old hurts that have happened in previous relationships, to become better lovers with their current partners, or to expand their knowledge when calling in new relationships and certainly to develop better communication skills on this topic.

In our classes we giggle about how we get manuals for everything that we own on how to operate them better. But did any of us get a manual on how to be better lovers? Or even on how to love ourselves better?  Whatever your own needs, I work in coaching you through it all by helping you get clearer and understand your own own sexuality first, so that you are better equipped to communicate that in whatever relationships you may be in.  And if you are not in a relationship it will give you the guidance and benefits of taking care of “yourself”, yes “you”!  The one that is busy taking care of everyone else first.

I have been in the medical field for over 40 years and I explain to people that our sexual energy is vital part of our life force. It adds years to our life and also to our physical health. To be disconnected from it in any way is to cut yourself off from your own “Fountain of Youth”.  I am a Certified Tantra Educator from the Source School of Tantra based in California.  All of my tools and training were obtained by my own direct experiences with my teachers there.

If you are curious about the word Tantra but don’t know what all the fuss is about then feel free to pick up the phone and schedule a complimentary one on one call or meeting with me. I’m sure I can answer your questions and meet your needs. We can start there and see what develops! 541-941-9014