Meet Shirley

What can I share with you about myself that would Shirley_2allow you to feel more comfortable working with me? All of my offerings that you find on my home page are ones that I have experienced deeply myself first as a student and later as an adept. I Am and continue to be, a passionate, perpetual student of life and on my journey to self I have acquired some pretty amazing tools that I find extremely helpful on this path and that I would love to share with you!

I have experienced life in the fullest having been a daughter, sister, wife (for 25 years) a single mother of two strong sons (men now at 24 and 30) and a career woman in Health Care for 40 years.

Putting all of those on my resume says quite a bit…but my real journey here started in,

1998…my journey to self…

The resources that I have collected along the way are listed here below and are some of the vastly different ways I can be of service here to you today! Please have a look at some of the sites if you are interested in where my trainings have come from. The offerings I have for those of you who found me here are listed on my home page and you will find a more detailed description of them in the links. I do want to honor all my teachers by listing their websites here as resources for all of us for they are still teaching and sharing their unique wisdom.

Above all this, my main offering here to you is to “customize” any or all of these trainings to the uniqueness of you and your situation currently…so have a look and let me know how I can be of service to you right now in this very moment?

And the best way for you to get to know me is to for us to meet face to face!

So, please CONTACT ME  for a meeting.

Here is a list of my teachers and their offerings…and I am happy to discuss and answer questions about any that peak your interest!