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Om_Interest_groupof Southern Oregon I am an OM (Orgasmic Meditation) practitioner living and working here in Ashland. I have been OMing since 2009. I started the OM Interest Group of Southern Oregon with the intention of connecting and sharing information about this really simple but powerful practice. In only a few minutes out of our busy lives we can change attitudes, energy levels, perception and ultimately our minds about our world. This practice originated in San Francisco Bay area and has been developed into an organization called One Taste by an amazing woman, Nicole Daedone. As an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator I have found this body of work to be a great adjunct to Tantra and the other modalities of work that I do in the area of energy, vitality and sexuality.

Our Southern Oregon group is newly formed but in only 2 months there has been a great deal of interest about OM from singles and couples. We are a solid group of 50 now and people are connecting at deep levels already. In order to be a part of our group, our members have all had a training in how to OM (either in our workshop or by private session, totally your choice)

I co facilitate a one day workshop with a couple, so we offer support to both singles and couples. In the 4 hour afternoon you will learn:

What exactly is this OM thing?
Why do people OM?
What it does for the Women
What’s in it for the Man
Better communication Skills
Presence, Focus, Sensitivity
Increases Desire, Libido,Vitality

There is so much more I could say about this practice but if you are just a little curious now, please feel free to call me 541-941-9014 and we can chat about it.
You can also visit the One Taste Website and find lots of valuable information in the form of videos, articles and classes.

To borrow a bit of a description from OneTaste in San Francisco (where OMing originated): “We’ve dedicated our lives to Orgasm – First our own and now yours, because we have seen how it has changed our lives and so many others.  So, we developed a practice called Orgasmic Meditation that makes it possible for anyone, man or woman, single or couples, lesbian or heterosexual, to harness the power of Orgasm, and embrace what already exists.  We don’t have to change anything about ourselves to access it; we just have to explore what’s inside of us, while being in connection with another person.”

If you would like to know more about OMing before you attend, watch this 13 minute video below.

Upcoming OM Introductory Workshop
Led by Shirley, Kim and Jimmy, this afternoon workshop will include instruction, a live demonstration of a session,  and an (optional) opportunity to practice in a group. Dates to be announced. Please email Shirley for more information: