Ceremony & Ritual

Ritual_Artist_JacquiCeremony and Ritual have long been a part of our culture and we live in times where some of these traditions still exist but many have been forgotten or pushed aside as something we no longer need. We have kept the obvious ones…Birthdays, Weddings, Funerals, Graduations etc but there are many events in our lives that happen where there is no ceremony or ritual format.  Ceremony and ritual can help us move through life events and get past them or continue to acknowledge and honor specific times in our lives.

In my journey to Self and discovering more more about the depths of life changing events it became apparent right away that workshops I took or personal work I did was not enough sometimes to clear an old memory or hurt or celebrate a threshold just passed. Throughout the years from 1998 I have had the honor of being blessed with many ceremonies either in attendance or in a receiving and I have created many myself for other women.

Some examples are; clearing energy with a past relationship, cutting energetic cords with a person in your life who is creating disharmony or stress in your life, honoring the end of menopause, honoring the end of a marriage, honoring and releasing pain and grief around a loss. A ceremony and ritual can be created for any one of these events or something specific to your own journey.  If there is an issue that you have dealt with in a support group or with counseling and you would really like to lock it in with a very visceral experience then we can discuss what that would look like for you. The possibilities are endless and unique to your situation.

If you are curious about what we can come up with then please feel free to call me and we can set up a complimentary first session to discuss what your particular needs are: 541-941-9014

“Working with Shirley (and J) in ceremony was a powerful healing experience. They both held wonderful, supportive, safe space and with that, much resolution was gained. I highly recommend this experience to anyone that is seeking transformative self empowerment!” ~ Denise, Ashland, OR