Healing Waters Sessions

waterhealing_ShirleyA Water Healing Session is performed one-on-one in a pool with chest-deep warm water. You would join me in the pool where floats are placed around your knees to support your legs and lower back and that allows for full freedom of movement for the body in a warm, liquid, buoyant way.  (We currently have a beautiful warm water pool designed especially for this work on a lovely retreat center near Talent, Oregon).


During a session I will be your facilitator and guide as I slowly lean you backwards into the water while I cradle your head above water and gently move, stretch, and massage your neck, spine, arms and feet for you; allowing your body to move freely and weightless!  All my session work is unique and established with your needs in mind. We might have a brief verbal check in with regards as to “what is up” for you and use that intention as a focus for our 90 minutes together.


Water Healing is so unique and flowing that no 2 sessions are alike! Imagine giving every muscle and nerve in your body a chance to fully relax and let go in warm water! Stress can “ melt away”, muscles that have been tense and overused get a chance to be supported by the warmth and buoyancy of the water! And last but not least, emotional issues can be brought to the surface with the help of the warm water and this natural unwinding of the body which can allow trapped emotional tensions to move and be released.  My sessions are so unique and personalized that I can’t really describe what “your” session would feel like, so please call me for an Introductory session today. Your first session will be discounted in order for you to experience this work for yourself.  Call for an appointment 541-941-9014